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This is a personal home page, but I expect to write mostly about science and reason, hence the title. The photo? It's here because I like it, and because it's where I live (the land in the background, not the bay...)

Weblog Here's where I get to write short pieces about whatever I feel like, but it mostly involves the natural sciences, mathematics, technology, with some admixture of philosophy, social commentary, etc. I'll try to point out interesting recent developments in science, along with related social issues.
Quotations Philosophy, thinking, psychology, art, nature, and more...
Open Questions Large-scale, long-range project of mine to catalog and explain the most important questions science is presently trying to answer.
Photography A hobby of mine. I don't pursue it as actively as I used to, but I think I took a few good pictures, mostly around California.
Book reviews I read a lot, mostly nonfiction -- generally rather specialized scientific and technical material. So most of it would not be of great interest to the "casual observer". But every now and then I do come across books I believe thoughtful people may find it worthwhile to look into.
The evolution debate A short rebuttal to some common criticisms of evolution.
Big bang cosmology Interested in cosmology? Have you been searching the Web for information on cosmology and the big bang, but found most of the available information to be shallow and incomplete? Yeah, me too. So I wrote up something with a little more meat in it.
Note: This page contains mathematical symbols which may not be correctly displayed with Microsoft browsers. You should be using a better browser, such as Netscape or Firefox.
Fermat's last theorem The theorem was finally proved by Anderw Wiles in 1993, though it took another year or so to fix part of the argument. It's kind of ancient history now, but in 1995 I wanted to understand the proof, so I wrote a few pages to explain it to myself, and anyone else who might be interested.

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